The Advice Spot Service Options

Option 1 – Qualified Accountant

Personalised tax return service
Some benefits in dealing directly with accountants under the partner’s supervision:

  • The service is tailored to you
  • All accountants are qualified
  • The fees are generally less the partner’s fees
  • The waiting time is less than the partners waiting time
  • In addition to your tax return service you are able to access free preliminary advice in a range of other specialised financial services

Some disadvantages:

  • Some jobs are better handled by the partner if there are certain complexities involved
  • Qualified team member accountants are less experienced than the partner

Option 2 – Partner & Qualified Accountant

High level personalised tax return and general advice service

This service has many benefits such as:

  • Adam has 25 years experience and qualifications in various disciplines including tax, business, investments, loans, super and much more
  • You receive consistent, reliable, long term professional personalised tax and advice service second to none
  • Other specialised financial services
  • You deal directly with (Adam) the partner and other qualified team members

Some disadvantages:

  • Fees are at partner levels
  • Telephone bookings are required for all calls/advice

Option 3 – Partner, Qualified Accountant & The Advice Spot team

Full financial service

In addition to Option 1 or Option 2 we may also be able to offer you the full annual service which includes:

  • Pro-active all round advice, under one roof
  • A discount on tax return fees
  • Advice calls throughout the year about any of the below service
  • Negative gearing & tax effective property
  • Tax planning
  • Property investment research & advice
  • Financial planning
  • Personal insurances
  • Superannuation and retirement planning
  • Home loan, investment loan, refinancing set up and ongoing advice
  • Referrals to other specialists

Some disadvantages:

  • This service is not available to everyone