Primary Producer Tax Deductions

Potential Tax Deductions


 Primary Producer’s

  • Agistment fees
  • Breeding services fees
  • Droving expenses
  • Electricity connection costs
  • Farm management deposits
  • Fertiliser/Fodder
  • Grapevine establishment costs
  • Hire of farm implements
  • Horticultural plantation establishment
  • Insecticides, weedkillers, rabbit fumigant
  • Insurance premiums
  • Landcare expenditure
  • Lease preparation expenses
  • Mains electricity connections
  • Payment to co-ops for business services
  • Power, fuel, light
  • Rates and land taxes
  • Seeds
  • Shearing expenses
  • Telephone line expenses
  • Timber felling deduction
  • Vaccination against Q fever
  • Veterinary fees
  • Water facility expenditure
  • Wool tax
  • Timber depletion
  • Trees, purchased in immature forest or plantation and sold standing



To help me get you the best possible result with your tax deductions we need to:

• Keep receipts for a minimum of 5 years

• Keep diary entries of meetings and decisions reached. This justifies your claim in some cases

• Keep a travel diary when you travel on business purposes. This should include an agenda for your trip, names and places of people met, and a report of conclusions reached.

Disclaimer : Information contained in this article represent general comments only and this is not advice. Tax is only one of the factors that should be taken into account when making a financial decision. You should discuss your tax affairs with a tax professional before entering into any financial transaction with tax implications.